OSD High Schools Excel at FTC State Championships

Both Avanti and Capital High Schools delivered impressive performances at the Washington FIRST Tech Challenge State Championships in Bellevue on January 15..

Capital’s team completed the seven qualifying rounds undefeated, earning a second seed position for the final elimination rounds.  As captain of one of the four elimination round alliances, Capital chose two partners for the final two rounds.  Unfortunately, this second seed alliance lost in the semi-finals, with the first seed alliance eventually emerging as the State Champions.  Congrats to Capital for an amazing run during their rookie season!

The Avanti teams struggled early in the qualifying rounds, but both team worked hard to tweak their software between matches.  Their persistence paid off as the captain of the fourth seed alliance took notice of their improvement and invited one of the Avanti teams to join their elimination round alliance.  The Avanti team had their best performance of the day and helped the 4th seed alliance advance to the final round, before succumbing to dominant first seed.  Congrats to Avanti for their successful second FTC season and bringing home a State Finalist trophy!