OSD High Schools Top Second FTC League Event

Olympia School District high school teams came out on top again at the second FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Olympia League Event on Saturday, December 7, at Olympia High School.  Sixteen teams from Thurston, Mason and Gray’s Harbor Counties competed in this second of three League Events, which combined will determine these teams’ seeding at the Southern Washington Inter-League Championships on January 11, 2014 at Jefferson Middle School.  The third and final FTC Olympia League Event will be held Saturday, December 21 in Olympia High School Commons at 1:00.


Teams competed in this year’s FTC challenge, “Block Party” (see this video animation.) This is an exciting game which combines strategy and technical challenges for teams to sort out and prioritize as they design and build a Tetrix-based robot programmed in Robot-C to tackle this year’s game.  The robot must perform autonomously for the first part of the match, then under two-person remote control for the remainder of the two-and-a-half minute match.  The competition takes place in a 12 foot square arena with four robots operating simultaneously as two randomly selected alliances.


BGIP (team #4448) from Avanti High School topped the rankings in the second event with DERPA (team #7113) from Olympia High School placing second.  Teams from North Thurston, Shelton and Tumwater placed third through fifth respectively.  FTC Olympia Event #1 leader Oly Cow (team #6424) placed sixth and the Broken Motors from Capital High School (#7112) ended up Event #2 in ninth.  Complete Event #2 results and team affiliations are shown below.


In the cumulative results from the first two FTC Olympia League events, Avanti’s BGIP and Olympia’s DERPA and Oly Cow are ranked first, second and third respectively.  The Capital Gear Grinders (team #5061) from Capital High School are ranked seventh in the cumulative results.


Rookie and veteran teams alike all showed great progress between the first and second FTC Olympia League Events, with the average score per match increasing from 77 points to 115 points in just two weeks.  Teams now have another two weeks to further refine their robots before the third and final League Event on Saturday, December 21st at the Olympia High School Commons (rear parking lot).  Admission is free, and the public is welcome to come and cheer on your favorite team in “Robotics as a Sport”.  Matches will run 1:00 to 5:30 on Saturday afternoon.


On January 11 2014, OSD will host the Southern Washington Inter-League Championships where the teams from the Olympia League will be joined by teams from the Vancouver/Portland area to determine which teams advance to the the State Championships.  STEM Pals is looking for 60+ volunteers to help with this event.  If you or someone you know would be interested in helping, check out this Volunteer Needs page for more information.

The final standings from the second event and school affiliations are presented below

Olympia League Ranking List, Event #2

Rank Team Team Name QP RP Highest Matches
1 4448 BGIP 12 242 178 6
2 7113 DERPA 10 255 178 6
3 7705 Radioactive Chinchillas 8 333 88 6
4 7299 T-Wolf 6 232 157 6
5 6421 ACRONYM 6 203 82 6
6 6424 Oly Cow 6 189 93 6
7 7742 Jaktd Jadda 6 164 82 6
8 8030 Steel Wings 6 129 80 6
9 7112 Broken Motors 6 121 145 6
10 6091 Elma Robotics 6 82 62 6
11 3838 Thor 4 173 79 6
12 5061 Capital Gear Grinders 4 151 58 6
13 7973 One and Oly 4 138 137 6
14 7111 MIP 4 136 83 6
15 7829 Mighty Soph’s 4 129 120 6
16 4131 Mighty Men of Machines 4 113 88 6

QP (Total Qualification Points) – 2 Points for a WIN, 1 Point for a TIE, 0 Points for a LOSS.

RP (Total Ranking Points) – Ranking points are awarded using the losing alliance’s score in each match.

Highest (Highest Match Score) – The highest match score awarded to the team.

Division: Olympia League Competition Team List

Number Name School City State Country
3838 Thor Yelm High School
4131 Mighty Men of Machines Yelm High School
4448 BGIP Avanti High School
5061 Capital Gear Grinders Capital High Schools
6091 Elma Robotics Elma High SChool
6415 BazingaBots Aberdeen High School
6421 ACRONYM Tumwater Robotics Club
6424 Oly Cow Olympia High School
7111 MIP Avanti High School
7112 Broken Motors Capital High School
7113 DERPA Olympia High School
7299 T-Wolf Oakland Bay Junior High School
7705 Radioactive Chinchillas North Thurston High School
7742 Jaktd Jadda North Thurston High School
7829 Mighty Soph’s Yelm High School
7973 One and Oly Olympia High School
8030 Steel Wings Pope John Paul II High School