FRC Team 4450, The Olympia Robotics Federation Attends the 2016 Kickoff

Team 4450, The Olympia Robotics Federation (ORF) went Saturday, Jan. 9,  to the Kickoff event of the 2016 FIRST FRC season and received the challenge called FIRST Stronghold for teams around the world. This year the game is about storming a castle, which involves breaching outer defenses, throwing “boulders” into the opponent’s castle and scaling the walls if the castle is weakened. This looks very challenging and a lot of fun!

As usual, the team has 6 weeks to design and build our robot.

Team 4450’s competition dates are:
Auburn Mountainview – Mar 4-5
Cental WA Univ – Mar 18-19
Portland PNW Championships – April 7-9 (if we qualify)
World Championships in St Louis – April 28-30 (if we qualify)

To see an animated version explaining the challenge go to

Go ORF!!!