Team 4450 back from the World Championship

The ORF team had a great time at the World Championships in St. Louis this last week. We played in the Galileo subdivision of the event (one of eight subdivisions with 75 teams each) and the whole competition was very exciting with 11,000 students in the Edwards dome.
ORF had its ups and downs in the World Championships. We had some mechanical problems and software problems that affected our performance and also bad luck with the assignment of alliance partners. However we competed well and won some matches that we were not supposed to win. So we are very proud of our team.
We traded wins and losses early in the competition with close matches decided by a few points. Then our power cable disconnected on the field and we stopped cold in one match. Our best match out of the ten we played was our next to last match where our alliance outplayed our opponents and we scored the maximum ranking points. In the last match our pickup mechanism lost a bearing, so we switched strategies to focus on defeating defenses, but it was not enough to win and we ended up in the lower half of the rankings.
We then supported other teams from the Pacific Northwest who ended up in the finals of their subdivisions and we focused on the learning opportunities which were available in workshops, the Innovation Faire and the college presentations.
The speakers at the championships said the FRC team students are the future leaders of innovation in our country. They told us we are inspiring other students, our sponsors and the public as we present what we are doing. This is what we aim to do in our community.