About PATS (Program for Academically Talented Students)

(summarizing from the OSD website: )

The PATS program has been a part of the Olympia School District for over 20 years.  This program serves students in second through fifth grades demonstrating high academic abilities.  We offer a curriculum that challenges and improves students’ independent and self-directed learning skills through a stimulating, hands-on curriculum.  Our focus is to further develop problem-solving, motivation and task-orientation skills.

Students develop teamwork, leadership and decision-making skills through debates, discussions, research, demonstrations, presentations and other projects that provide opportunities for unique and elaborate projects.

Our Goals

Last year, we made it a goal to further STEM development in our program through the addition of the LEGO MINDSTORMS program, Green City Challenge, at the 4th and 5th grade levels. This provided us opportunities to explore mechanics, simple machines, programming, and exploration into green energy resources.  The experience was so positive, it is our goal engage students in every grade of PATS in STEM Robotics and we have now adopted Lego We-Do at the 2nd and 3rd grade levels.

Learn more about what we’re up to now by visiting our class webpage.