Robotics Volunteering or Donations

The Robotics program needs both volunteers and additional funds to accomplish its goals.


Robotics teams both in the classroom and in competition need mentors and coaches. You do not necessarily need robotics experience to help teams learn about solving challenges in a team environment. The program is also interested in presentations by persons with applicable industry experience.

The program also needs volunteers to help with hosting robotics competitions. To help with hosting a competition, no technical skills or experience are necessary. There is a list of specific volunteer needs here.

To Volunteer your time, please fill out the form here. When submitted, it will go to our volunteer coordinator who will contact you to arrange your participation.

Donations or Sponsorship

The Robotics program has needs beyond the funding available through OSD. These needs are typically the purchase of robotics kits, computers, software and related equipment. Expansion of the program to all schools and age groups that are interested is hampered by the available funds.

Additionally, when hosting competitions, there are various expenses to be covered and when our robotics teams travel to other locations there are expenses to make that participation possible. As teams move on in competition from regional to state to national levels, expenses will increase. Further, as students participate in competitions at higher technical levels (FTC, FRC), entry fees and special equipment and supplies are needed to participate.

To these ends, the program is soliciting donations or sponsorship from the community to help fund the programs educational needs and competition activities. There is a list of specific funding needs here. To donate click here.