Middle School Science Expo Judging Rubric

OSD Science Expo Rubric (6-8)                               Created by Charleen Hayes 2011 for OSD


Grade:_______Student Name/Project Number:____________________________________________


Students will be scored based on three components: Presentation Board, Oral Presentation, & Notebook/Journal


The Scientific Process Presentation Board

  1.  Project promotes grade appropriate analytical thinking
  2.  Project is centered around a testable and original ideas
  3. Project demonstrates scientific creativity
  4. Student’s growth and learning is evident
  5. Presentation board contains all sections
  6. Presentation board is neat and legible


Components 0 1 2
Investigated a question or problem
Formed Prediction or hypothesis
Designed a procedure to test hypothesis using measurement x x x
  • Had logical steps to do the experiment (detailed enough to repeat)
  • One changed (manipulated) variable
  • One measured (responding) variable
  • Indicated how often measurements should be taken and recorded
  • Included multiple trials
Recorded measurements
Accurately collected and analyzed data using graphs and charts
Drew a conclusion and clearly explained why prediction/hypothesis was accepted or rejected x x x
  • Answered experimental question with a conclusive statement
  • Included supporting data that show full range (high and low), plus average data or data from the end of the investigation
  • Used language to explain how supporting data connect to the conclusive statement
  • Made comments about success and effectiveness of the experimental procedure
  • Made suggestions for changes in experimental procedure and/or possibilities for further study
Display board contains all sections: x x x
  • Title
  • Researcher name
  • Question/Problem
  • Prediction/Hypothesis

(stated in manipulated/responding form)

i.e., (changed or observed variable/measurable variable) form

  • Materials needed
  • Variables
  • Numbered procedures
  • Data graphs/charts
  • Conclusion
  • Report
Sections on board organized like a newspaper so they are easy to follow
Text font large enough to be read easily (at least 16 point)
Title is eye-catching and large enough to be read from across the room
Pictures and diagrams effectively used to convey information about project
Spelling and grammar are accurate
All safety issues are addressed
Column Totals
SECTION TOTAL     (  30 meets standard,   45 exceeds standard,    60 exemplary)


The Oral Process

  1. Student can verbally explain all aspects of their project
  2. Student’s growth and learning is evident
  3. Student can answer questions pertaining to their project


Components 0 1 2
Uses appropriate speed, volume, and expression
Stands and maintains eye contact
Thoroughly explains the process, results, and significance of the project
Accurately answers science based questions related to the project
Column Totals
SECTION TOTAL:    (    4 meets standard,    6 exceeds standard,   8 exemplary)


The Notebook/Journal

  1.  Should be handwritten…work that has been typed and dated can be taped into your notebook
  2. Includes all the student’s original thoughts, ideas, and data
  3. A completed journal must be submitted with your science fair project in order to be considered for an award at the South Sound Regional Science Fair)


Science notebook/journal includes: 0 1 2
Background research and information
An explanation of the hypothesis, procedures, and materials used
A complete record of tests and test data
A clear explanation of the project
Is neatly written
Proper spelling and grammar
Safety concerns
Column Totals
SECTION TOTAL       (   7 meets standard,    10 exceeds standard,    14 exemplary)


GRAND TOTAL          (41 meets standard,    61 exceeds standard,     82 exemplary)


Strengths of this Project

Areas for Improvement